Dental x-rays.

Does your pet need dental x-rays? Rely on our professional and friendly vet to find out what's going on in your animal's mouth and come up with a treatment plan just for them.

Teeth cleaning.

Keep your pet's smile pearly white with our professional dental cleaning. Prevent cavities and gum disease by making sure your pet has regular teeth cleanings with our vet.

Periodontal disease.

Do you think your dog may have periodontal disease? We can treat your animal's gum disease so they can keep their chompers in top shape for years to come!

Pain-free anesthesia.

As you know, pets won't sit in a chair and keep their mouth open wide. Trust our vet to administer safe and painless anesthesia in order to complete their dental work.

At home dental care.

Want to learn to care for your pet's teeth? We can teach you how to effectively brush their teeth so you won't have to spend money on dental work down the road.

Plaque prevention.

Having a hard time managing your pet's dental care at home? We can help you figure out a plan, including special pet food that can help reduce plaque on your pet's teeth.

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Get the best dental care around for your animal with 40 years of dental work experience.