Going on vacation for
Thanksgiving or Christmas?
We offer comfortable Pet Boarding for a worry-free holiday!

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Worry-free boarding.

Are you planning a getaway? Don't worry about your pet while you are on vacation - we offer safe and comfortable boarding to keep your dog and cat happy while you're gone.

Enjoy doggy daycare.

Do you hate leaving your dog alone for the majority of the day while you are at work? Let them run around and play with friends when you bring them to our doggy day care.

Let them stay active.

Is it difficult for you to find the time or energy to walk your dog? You can still keep them fit and give them the exercise they crave with our indoor and outdoor runs.

Easy pet grooming.

Make the upkeep of your dog easy with our affordable grooming services. From haircuts to nail trims, we can do it all to keep your dog and cat looking and feeling great.

Keep their coat soft.

Is your dog's fur looking dull and wiry? Rely on our expert stripping services to get rid of your non-shedding dog's dead hair and allow them to grow a new, soft coat.

Therapeutic bathing.

Does your cat have dry or itchy skin? We offer therapeutic baths that can provide a variety of benefits for your pet.

Call us today at (610) 586-1577 to let us help take care of your pets.

From grooming to boarding, our 35 years of experience will keep your pet feeling happy.