Fractures and tears.

Has your pet recently experienced a traumatic injury? From bone fractures to ligament tears, we can get your pet back on their paws in no time with our orthopedic care.

Hip dysplasia.

Is your elderly dog experiencing hip dysplasia? Don't let them suffer through the pain - we can help prevent, manage, or treat hip dysplasia to keep them pain-free.

Animal arthritis.

As your pet ages, he or she may develop arthritis. Make sure your pet maintains optimum movement throughout their lifetime with our excellent orthopedic care.

Radiation therapy.

Have you recently gotten the unfortunate news that your pet has cancer? We offer safe and gentle radiation therapy to give your animal the best possible care.

Updated technology.

From x-rays to ultrasounds, our technologically competent pet clinic can provide you with expert orthopedic care with our state of the art diagnostic equipment.

Herbal medication.

Not sure you want to treat your pet with prescription medication? No problem! We also offer a line of herbal medicine for those who prefer to go the natural route.

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